Sony is an acclaimed and renowned technology pioneering company and has been widely popular among the people due to the products developed by the company. The company offers various utilities through the products ranges available for people for making their daily life easy and simple by means of use of their products. Sony also formulates smartphones and tablets for consumers offering the public to feel the best technology present in their hands. The first smartphone under the brand was Sony Xperia X1 on 2008 making the people to have the perfection on their hands, it was having Windows 6.1 operating system.

After 2010, the company released its smartphones running on Android operating system developed by Google. Sony Xperia has made a good repo in the market among the other smartphones like Samsung Grand series, iPhone series and Nokia phones due to the features, look and performance delivered by them to public. Sony Xperia phones and tablets are considered to be best in looking and design as they attract a large number of people through the craft of their designing. The series has made the company to encounter a great amount of increment in the sales, the smartphones and tablets of the series are waited eagerly by the followers of the company as to experience the features of the phone offered to them.


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How to Find Lost / Stolen Sony Xperia Smartphone with My Xperia:

As you know that people are attracted towards the Sony Xperia smartphone series due to the performance, characteristics and ultra cool design. Many people love the phone as it has the best body among the others. Don’t be surprised as it has been got wide commendation due to its design by various critics and people. Many who don’t have the resources to buy the smartphone, try the wicked means of having it like they may steal it from other people who own it. If you have also lost your Sony Xperia then don’t worry we have got an app which will help you to get the smartphone back.


My Xperia is an application developed by Sony for its smartphones to provide the user of the device to locate, lock and erase the data of their Xperia smartphone it. The security app will provide the people to make their smartphone to be unaffected from the hands of the person who has stolen and can be found in the mean time.

My Xperia offers the following features to people:

  • Locate:

    Login to My Xperia with your Google Account and see on the map that where your smartphone is currently and reach to it in no time. It will help to acknowledge that where you left your smartphone during the daily routine and it helps the person to avoid the panic due to misplace done.

  • Alert:

    Forgot the place where you last kept your Xperia smartphone, then avoid the tension just log in to My Xperia and click on the alert option for making the smartphone to make an alert sound on which the phone can be found whether under the sofa or inside a drawer.

My Xperia App


  • Remote Lock:

    As human we are bound to do mistakes, but sometime these mistakes makes us cost. If you made the mistake of losing your phone due to your lacking then to avoid the access of your information present on the phone, use the remote lock of the app and lock the device remotely.

  • Erase:

    Xperia smartphone stolen by somebody, then use the erase function offered and present in the My Xperia app for allowing you to erase the data currently there in the device.

How to Find Lost / Stolen Sony Xperia Smartphone with My Xperia
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