Many people don’t know what OEM is so here is a detail intro about it for them. OEM serves and showcases that the purchased software is an original valid copy of it and is generally a key which is the product number of the copy. Microsoft issues the OEM key with their operating systems serving as the product key which is asked to be entered while performing the installation of the operating system on the desktop or laptop. The product ID is an essential part of the operating system and is registered within the system providing it a distinct identity separating it from other similar official copies.

Basically it is not easy to get access to the OEM Windows Product Key of the laptop/desktop which is done to avoid any misconduct. It’s not that it is not there on the system but present and stored in the registry in a binary code making it unreadable by a normal human being unless you are a computer geek. The main reason was to do so is to limit the key number from being compromised and been used other than a single computer. You can find the OEM Windows Product Key of your Laptop/Desktop through the guide given below aiding in the process.


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Finding the OEM Windows Product Key of Your Desktop/Laptop:

As the product key is written in a binary code which is unable to be read by a normal person, but one can see and read them through the help of third party software present. There are several applications aiding you to acknowledge the OEM Windows Product Key of your Desktop/Laptop without any problem.

For Windows 8 and Above:

You can download the NirSoft’s ProduKey which is a free of cost portable tool helping to get the key not only for the installed Windows operating system but along with much other previously installed software such as Microsoft Office. The tool is free of viruses and not invites any sort of crapware to your system.


The main issue with the tool is that it may collide with your Antivirus system detecting it as false positive and as a program that might steal your operating system product key.

For Windows 7:

Nirsoft’s Produkey is only supported for Windows 8 and above operating system which makes the Windows 7 users to be unable to access it for acknowledging the product key. For the Windows 7 operating system users RWEverything (Read & Write Everything) can be used allowing you to get the product key.


Download the zip file from the link provided above and extract the file after the download completes. Open the application and click on the ACPI present on the toolbar on the top, then on MSDM table in it. It will reveal the BIOS embedded key in the Data which is the OEM Windows Product Key of your laptop/desktop.

How to Find the OEM Windows Product Key of Your Laptop / Desktop (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
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