Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives and usually everyone has it for performing their working whenever they want. Usually the first thing done by every smartphone user in the morning or when they wake up is to check their smartphone, reply to the notifications and etc, at the end of the day the user accesses the applications present on the smartphone before going to the bed. The smartphone has influenced our life so much that we can’t imagine a day without it and using it to perform our general functions.

People use various smartphones running on various mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and etc allowing them to use it according to their preferences for performing a certain function. Most preferably when we don’t want anyone to disturb us as to relax or do a certain thing needing full concentration we put our smartphone on Silent mode and keep it aside. The problem arises when we need to access our smartphone but our unable to locate in the home. This is a common error encountered by a majority of people and making them to going through the unnecessary trouble of searching and finding them worrying of thinking that they may not recover the smartphone. If you are using Android smartphone then we have a fail-proof guide aiding you to find a silent Android phone lost in the Home.


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Finding A Silent Android Phone Lost in the Home:

You can simply locate your phone in the home just making a call to it and through the phone ring you will be able to search it. But the problem is severe if it is on silent, don’t worry we have a step by step process guide aiding you to get your phone back. You will need an active internet connection on your Android smartphone to get the full benefit from the process given below.

android device

Method: Android Device Manager:

As you know that Android OS is developed by Google, then first thing you should do is to go this link directing towards Android Device Manager. It will ask you to login with the Google Account associated with the Android smartphone.

After you have logged in with the Google Account, it will show you the list of the devices that linked with the Gmail account. Select the device which is lost and you want to recover it as soon as possible to perform a particular function.

Android Device Manager

Click on the Ring Button for making the device manager to ring the device which you have selected. After a few seconds the smartphone will ring at it full volume despite of being on silent mode. Through listening the ring you will be able to locate the device easily without any fault.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed a Find My Device app on the smartphone as it will aid more to locate the lost Android device within a flash.

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