As is known by all Android OS by Google is one of the most used and known operating system on the globe. There are many reasons present for making it the position where it stands now like a massive number of applications and games present in Android ecosystem etc. Being an open-source platform is also a plus point of the mobile operating system which offers the feature of changing it according to the taste and needs of the person. The feature makes the people to have the control and the flexibility for adding many add-ons (Tweaks) for making the operating system to reach next level in terms of experience.

The open source platform feature of the OS allows you to root your Android device for making the user experience more unique and brilliant. The first thing to be performed after rooting your device is to Clockwork Mod Recovery in the device. Sometime during this people encounter the error stating the installation aborted in the smartphone. It can be fixed if you know how to solve it.


Steps of Fixing Installation Aborted Error In ClockworkMod Recovery:

Before starting the process, acknowledge that you have downloaded the correct and right ROM for your Android device, if not the circumstances will be not in your favor and the device can get bricked. Follow the steps on your risk and make up your mind that no one other than you will be solely responsible for the damage incurred to the device.


Step 1:

Firstly you have to extract the downloaded ROM on your desktop. Ensure that the correct and proper custom ROM is downloaded by you of the device.

Step 2:

If you placed the ROM in an external storage device, copy it from the device to your PC. Try to keep the files on your desktop for faster progress with it.

Step 3:

Acknowledge that you have extracted the files in a distinct and separate folder.

Installation Aborted

Step 4:

After this go to your downloaded ROM and navigate to META-INF/com/google/android. Open the ‘update-script’ file present there through notepad.

Step 5:

There will various sentences present there. The thing you have to do is that delete the first three sentences starting from ‘asssert(getprop(“ro.product……. to the end where the ==”nozomi”) is written in the file. After doing so save it and exit.


Step 6:

Using the ROM extracted by you, formulate a zip file. With clicking on the option naming proper it will then update the zip file with the changes made.

Step 7:

Copy the edited zip file in your device’s Memory Card and install the file through the phone recovery by normally doing it. The issue/problem is solved and fixed.








How to Fix Installation Aborted Error in ClockworkMod Recovery
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