Bluestacks App Player is a popular Android application player for desktop users, enabling them to use their favorite mobile application in a faster way on a wider screen on their PC and browser. The app player is being awarded the CES Innovators Award and Best Software at CES by CNET in 2012 due to efficiency and performance delivered by it. Bluestacks is available for both Windows and Mac users making it the most widely used tool for allowing the people to run their favorite mobile applications in your PC. The people love the app player due to the simplicity offered by it while using.

The main problem faced by many people during the use of Bluestacks is the error shown when anyone tries to search an application and it shows ‘Market not found. Search web for installation recipe’. The error is shown due to the unavailability of the application player to detect any installed local market for getting the required app. In the past versions of Bluestacks the Google play service was pre-installed in the player, but in the present it is not pre-installed.


Methods of Fixing the Market Not Found Error In Bluestacks:

Method 1:- Installing the Application Directly From Their APK’s

The best method is to overcome the Bluestacks market error in the upcoming future is to download the APK file of the application from the internet with an easy search.

  • Install the application just by double-clicking over the downloaded APK file of the application.
  • If there is no working done on double-click, then right click on the APK and click on Open with..,
  • Then browse along with locating the Bluestacks.



Method 2:- Google Play Store to Install Apps

There is another way of solving the problem of market not found error in Bluestacks.

  • You have to change the application store default set to local Bluestacks store to the Official Google Play Store.
  • Open Bluestacks and click on “My Apps” or “All Apps”
  • Select ‘Help’ and it will direct you to app player’s help forum site
  • On the address bar, interchange the URL to and press the enter button
  • After this it will ask you to select between the Play Store and Browser. Select Play Store and make it ‘Use by default for this action’.
  • It will ask your account credentials by giving your Gmail username and password you can fulfill it. You’re done and the installation of apps will open from the Play store.

Android Market

 Method 3:- Install Google Playstore App in Bluestacks

If the above two methods prove to be lengthy for you, then this one is short.  As mentioned Bluestacks was launched in the past with the pre-installed version of Play Store, but in the new versions it is not pre-installed. Basically you have to download the Google Play Store application in your PC’s Bluestacks and after that using it just same as in your Android device in your desktop.




How to Fix Market Not Found Error in Bluestacks
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