Not everything is perfect and has the capability to do things perfectly. The technology giant Microsoft develops Windows operating system series for people making their work load to decrease and divided for efficient working. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are the latest versions present in the market for people. There are some problems which pop-up during working on the operating system, making the work process slow and difficult in using the system.  The operating system has many programs and functions to perform at the same time, resulting the system to get overloaded and to encounter problems.

Master Boot Record is also known as MBR is a boot sector of the computer at the beginning of partitioned mass storage of the computer for the devices like removable and fixed drives. Error in Master Boot Record in the operating system is caused due to the presence of malware infected files and inadequate shutdowns are also a cause of MBR error corruption. It can be sorted through the guide given below for the solution of the problem encountered in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1.


Steps of Fixing Master Boot Record in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1:

The MBR error can be fixed through troubleshooting and process of fixing is same for the Windows 7 and 8 having almost no difference in solving.

Step 1:

Get the installation disc of Windows 7 or 8 necessary for the process to continue. You can download it from the net by searching on Google.

Step 2:

Hit F8 on booting your system for entering into the Windows Recovery Menu. The difference between the Windows 7 and 8 Recovery Menu is the presence of Metro user interface in Windows 8.


Step 3:

Select the Troubleshoot option for going further into the process of fixing the error.

Step 4:

Advanced Options will be present there, select it for getting into the Automatic Repair Menu of the system. Now use the Bootrec.exe tool for the process. Select the command prompt and write down the following stated commands one after another.


Step 5:

Type these commands:

  • Bootrec/RebuildBcd
  • Bootrec/fixMbr
  • Bootrec/fixboot
  • Now type Exit

After this, move on and reboot your system. The problem is fixed and will never be encountered by you.

You can also make a MBR backup or a System Recovery Disc for making the process shorter by not opening Windows Recovery Disk. The backup ensures the safety of the system at the time it is facing/encountering a problem/error and making the system to work properly.






How to Fix MBR in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
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