When the name of mobile operating systems Android comes to top on the list as it is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system. Presently Android is ruling the operating system market having a 56% share of the smartphone industry and is acclaimed for the features made available for people to be accessed on their phones. Smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC and many more others prefer to use the operating system on the phones. People are fond of the features making them to get access to various content providing them to have entertainment and enjoyment.

Errors are prone on every operating system as there are imperfection present in them and making the user to become unable to utilize the device for working and perform several activities on the device. The main and common error popping-up in the Android smartphone is the ‘Parse Error’ which makes the user unable to install their favorite application on the smartphone. While installing our applications sometimes we encounter the message popping up stating that ‘There is a Problem Parsing the Package’ the error makes the user to unable to get access to the app as it is not installed in the smartphone.


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Fixing the Parse Error on Android Phone:

You can fix this error on your Android smartphone and make the applications to be installed on your device along with accessing them on your device to have the features offered. The error is temporary one after fixing it through the solution offered here.

Method 1: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources on Device:

If the APK file you are installing is been downloaded is not from Google Play Store then error is arising due to device is unable to allow the file to be accessed on the device. By Turning on ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources’ you will able to install the APK file downloaded from other sources, turn it on by going to Settings of the device and open the Security option then checking the box stating Unknown Sources to enable it.

Method 2: Examine the APK File of the Application

The APK file of the installer may be corrupted making the user to unable to install it on the smartphone and access it for using the app. The downloaded APK file of the app may be not suitable and good for installing in the device.

Unknown Sources

Method 3: Clear Cache in Google Play and Services:

You might think that it may not help but many people have gained the access of using the APK file other than Google Play and by removing the cache from both things will aid you to do so. After clearing the cache restart the device and install the APK file again on the device.

Method 4: Upgrade the Android OS:

The application may not be working as it is unable to cope-up and support due to Android OS version, you can upgrade the Android version of the smartphone. The old version of Android may be a barrier for the APK file and updating may help you to install it.


How to Fix Parse Error on Android Phone
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