Apparently, there’s no such thing like unbreakable glass when it comes to a Smartphone. Everyone praises Gorilla Glass of their smartphone, however, many of the users of the same Glass smartphone have broken it out. Yes, Gorilla Glass breaks easily if a proper care is not taken. Nowadays, pretty much every high end smartphone do offer a Gorilla Glass to rejoice a better smartphone experience. As a technology journalist, I’ve received many complaints about broken Gorilla Glass and the replacement of it for a particular Android Smartphone. For the very same reason, we have decided to prepare a common tutorial with basic things to change or to replace a broken Gorilla Glass from an Android device. From here you would learn about “How to Fix or Replace Broken Gorilla Glass Protection on Smartphones“.

Gorilla Glass Remove

Note : Replacing or removing a Display glass of your device can be a harmful act for your Smartphone. We would not be the responsible persons if there comes out any unwanted results at the end of the process. Following tutorial contains a set of basic things to do while changing or replacing a Gorilla Glass. Make sure to do this under a proper technical person’s guidance.

Requirements :

Make a proper search about your Smartphone, there are a number of online stored who offer a complete toolkit of a Glass and its instruments to change it out. You can get the whole set of things within, so you don’t need to purchase or to bring out anything else. We recommend you to to do this first. As a requirement, you need to have Screw driver, a knife and things like this.


 How to Fix or Replace Broken Gorilla Glass Protection on Smartphones

Step 1 :

Smartphones who offers a Gorilla Glass have got a sealed back cover which can not be removed easily. You have to apply some heat on to the edges of that particular Smartphone. To do so, you can use a hair dryer. Make sure to do it at least for 30 seconds.

Step 2 :

Once it gets done, use a knife and slowly insert it to the phone’s sideways. Do it on all the sides including edges. This will unleash the Glass from the back cover. There would be a few screws too, you have to remove them out if needed.

Step 3 :

Gently remove the Gorilla Glass from the device. Glass would not be a separate one, there’s a whole mother board of the device within. You should take a very good care of it.

Step 4 :

Gorilla Glass is attached with two internal wires. You have to remove the tap from the connectors slowly. Disconnect both the connectors and the display will be removed from the device. Do not touch anything else meanwhile.

Step 5 :

Pick the new Gorilla Glass and connect it to the motherboard of the device just like the previous one. Make sure to do is properly to get the best results. You can apply tap once the process gets done.

Step 6 :

Pick up the back cover and gently place it out to complete the device. Roll up the screws with the screwdriver and you’re done! You can start your phone by now.


How to Fix or Replace Broken Gorilla Glass Protection on Smartphones
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