Whenever the apps related to entertainment are discussed containing the features for providing the public the characteristic of aiding them to view movies and videos the name ShowBox comes on top. The app contains every element of giving the user the experience to be expected while watching any movie or TV Show on the smartphone and tablet. ShowBox is a good entertainment content application allowing the people to get immediate access to the liked movies and TV show episodes. The app offers the efficiency and performance which is needed while accessing it to make sure the inviolate flow of enjoyment.

ShowBox contains numerous features allowing the user to have the expected level of excitement and entertainment with the content provided along with offered by it. The entertainment application provides the people to watch the movies online or by downloading it on the device without any sort of trouble. The app contains a decent interface allowing the user to access it easily and perform the working with ease just slicing a cake. ShowBox serves as the good medium for people enthusiastic about their favorite movies and shows not willing to miss or avoid a single episode regardless of any reason. The app is good in working offering a great amount of working when accessed on the device.


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Fix ‘ShowBox Video Not Available’ error in Android:

If you are encountering the error ‘ShowBox Video Not Available’ while accessing ShowBox on your Android device, then you should take a look on the guide allowing you to fix the problem. The error is common in ShowBox app disabling the user to access their favorite content on their Android smartphone and tablet. There are certain reasons through making the user to encounter the error. ShowBox iPhone users are facing the error from last couple of weeks.

Step 1:

The error most probably will arise if there is any defect or lacking in the server chosen for viewing the video on the device. Open the app on your Android device and choose the movie or TV show which was showing the error.

Step 2:

Now you will see two options and tap on Watch Now to start viewing it. If the error pops up then look for the server option where you can chose between the available servers. If the problem is there in Server 1 then you can choose for Server 2 and vice versa.


Step 3:

The other way of solving the error is to download MX Player as the app doesn’t has an inbuilt media player for making the user to see the file within the app. MX Player will aid you to see the favorite movie or TV Show episode without encountering any sort of trouble.

With the help of the above steps you will be able to sort out the error fixing and eliminating it to come in future for decrease the level of enjoyment.

Fix ShowBox Video Not Available Error in Android (How to)
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