Facing error while working on your operating system is a common while working and is encountered by many people and making it difficult to work on the system. Windows operating system also experiences errors/problems on it and face the unexpected behavior of the system. The operating system has to perform a lot of work at the same time for ensuring the multitasking and increases the load making to face errors and problems during working. The errors/problems annoys people in any way they prompt up in the system and make the users to suffer along with their work.

Booting problems are commonly faced by people on the Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 while working on it. The error is encountered due to many reasons like inadequate supply of power, data cable damaged etc. The problem can be fixed when the solution is present and you know how to imply the solution on the problem for fixing it. The guide below will help you for fixing the error encountered on using Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 Boot

Method of Fixing Booting Issue in Windows 7, 8.1 and 8:

The startup error in the operating system is also caused due to the system tries to start from wrong boot device and initiating the problem in the machine.

Method 1: For Windows 7

Firstly navigate into the BIOS settings by pressing ‘DEL’/’F1’/’F2’/’F10. It depends on the way of entering it formulated by the computer manufacturer. Inside the menu you will see ’Boot Order’ setting, it is mainly found inside the Advanced Settings of the system.

Windows 7 repair


Ensure that the system choose to boot from the device ‘Hard Disk’, if there are more than one hard disk, then set the correct one.  Save the changes made exit from it. You can also fix the error from the Startup Repair tool and system restoring to a specific time.

Method 2: For Windows 8 and 8.1

To perform a clean startup in your Windows 8 operating system and remove the startup error in the system, follow the instruction below.

The error is sometimes caused due to third-party software and applications present in the system. Ensure that the whether the third-party apps are doing this or not.



Hit Win+R shortcut present on the keyboard and write msconfig in the box for running it and click on ‘OK’.  System Configuration utility pops-up on the screen, navigate to the service tab of the utility and select the Hide all Microsoft Service checkbox. After this the third-party apps services will be shown. Select the ‘Disable all’ option for disabling them.

Now on the General tab, you have to select the ‘Selective Startup’ option and by unchecking the Load startup items, you can close the msconfig.

The methods stated above will help you to stop the problem in both operating system ensuring them to working efficiently after fixing.






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