Errors are hated by everyone whether they are big or small when occurred makes the person to lose mind and disrupts from perform the working. The errors are prone to the devices making them to showcase the mistakes and faults present in there in them not seen while formulating. Operating systems also are subject to errors which avoids the user to do the function and work to be proper as expected by him/her. Android mobile operating system has some errors which are annoyed and are often pop-up while using an app disrupting the use.

The most common error encountered by people on their Android device experienced while using an app popping up with the message “Unfortunately this App has Stopped Working”. The error is somewhat common in Android and the public often acknowledge it while using the app which stops due to the some lacking. It forcibly closes the app and shows the message Unfortunately this App has Stopped Working. The error can be sorted out without any problem or trouble and allowing you to use the app which shows the error properly and efficiently. Guide aiding you to solve the annoying error on your device and use the desired app.


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Fixing “Unfortunately this App has Stopped Working” Error on Android:

There are various ways through which you can solve the issue each having diverse characteristics from the former but are equally efficient in performance and living up to the expectation made for them.

Method 1: Freeing the Storage of the App

First you have to open the Settings of the device and go to the App Manager present in the device (in Android 4.2.2). Tap on it to open it and then slide left till you see ‘All’ in the Apps.

Tap on the Application which shows the error message whenever you run it on the device. Scroll down and you will see Clear Data option along with Clear Cache option present right below it.

Tap on the both option to wipe out the data and the storage taken up the app on the Android device.

clear data

Method 2: Uninstall the App

If the above method doesn’t helps then you have to uninstall the particular app and then again install it on the device. Similarly you have to go to settings of the device and open the Apps Manager. Tap on the app and select the uninstall option to perform the uninstalling process.

Install the app after some time which will positively resolve the issue without any sort of trouble or problem.

Method 3: Soft Reset

Try doing a soft reset which is needed to be performed on the device after a regular interval of time. It will cycle the power of the phone and it’s simple as you have to just power off your device with turn it back on again after a couple of minutes. Soft reset will aid you to boost up the performance and efficiency of the device.

Fix “Unfortunately this App has Stopped Working” Error on Android Phone
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