iOS 8 is being launched by Apple for the people and the eighth iOS operating system the successor to iOS 7. The operating system was released by the company on 17th September, 2014 with some upgrades and updates making the user experience while using iOS 8 brilliant and improving it. The operating system has made some significant changes for the people for formulating the operating system according to the preferences of the user. iOS 8 is available and compatible with devices iPhone 4S and above iPhone present along with iPad 2 and iPad above present.

Within days of launch, iOS 8 showcased a large number of problems and errors, making the users to experience the lacking present in the software and making the appeal of the operating system to deteriorate. People got sad when they faced the problems on their highly anticipated and waited operating system. The most common problem reported by the people using iOS 8 is Wi-Fi; users while working on the operating system on their iPhone or iPad experience that their Wi-Fi becomes sluggish and not works after some time. The problem can be solved and can be completely be overcome.


Steps of Solving the Wi-Fi Issue on iOS 8 in the iPhone and iPad:

Step 1:

Your iPhone or iPad on which you use the operating system, the network settings have to be restored and rebooted. The reboot is simple and is the way of solving the issue efficiently.

Open the Settings in your device and go to General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Tapping on it will reboot your network settings and make the things running the same as they were before.


Step 2:

Disabling your Wi-Fi system setting service can also aid in providing you to fix your Wi-Fi error and make the device work properly. Many users have cleared the problem through this and make their Wi-Fi to perform well than before.

Go to the Settings app, navigate to Privacy and then to “Location Service” there you will see ‘System Services’, tap on the switch to disable the Wi-Fi networking. This may not disable the wireless networking of the iOS 8 running iPhone and iPad.


Step 3:

You can also solve the problem through changing your Internet Service Provider DNS server. The error may have been arisen due to problems persisting in the DNS server.

Go to Settings and select the Wi-Fi menu, find your Wi-Fi connection. Search for the DNS server section and tap on the right where the numbers are stated. Type the new DNS through the keyboard popping-up and when done navigate back to the Wi-Fi.


Step 4:

If none of the above proves to be use for fixing the Wi-Fi error and making the problem to come to an end, then only one way is left. You have to restore and setup your iPhone or iPad through iTunes as new. Maintain a backup before restoring.

Set as new iPhone

For restoring the device you have to connect the device to your desktop and select the device used by you. Select the Restore button present on the Summary tab. Click on Restore when iTunes asks for your confirmation. After being restored, the device will restart and follow the instructions for setting the iOS device.

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