Flappy48 is one of the most exciting games available for all the gamers who are looking for a new game to try on their respective devices. If you are a proud Android user, you can download Flappy48 APK file for free and get it installed right away on it. Apart from that, its simple gameplay attracts many eyeballs and for the very same reason everyone wants to get a quick hands-on of this game. Fortunately, Flappy48 for PC Free download is now available. A complete detailed tutorial with proper snapshots is given below. Do follow the tutorial given below! 

Flappy48 for PC Main

Flappy48 for PC Free Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Mac)

Step 1 :

Make sure that a proper Android Emulator is installed on the PC on which we are going to install this game, Flappy48. Click the below given link if there’s no any Android Emulator installed.

Download Bluestacks for Windows and Mac

Step 2 :

Click the above link, you’ll be taken to a new webpage from where you can get all the useful information about Bluestacks Emulator. Scroll down the page and hit the download button. Do select the OS of your PC and downloading process will take place itself.

Step 3 :

It will take several minutes to complete the process. Run the Installation file after that. Bluestacks will be installed on your PC and it will look like the following image to your desktop.

Flappy48 for PC 1

Step 4 :

On the homepage, you would see a number of different options. Click the Search option given there.

Flappy48 for PC 2

Step 5 :

Enter Flappy48 into the search box and hit the Find button given beside the box. You can follow the below given image for more information.

Flappy48 for PC 3

Step 6 :

Click the Install button given beside the requested game, Flappy48. See this image given below!

Flappy48 for PC 4

Step 7 :

On this page, you would be asked to select the download path for this game. Make sure to select Google Play Store as the download path from the given three different options.

Step 8 :

Soon, you’ll be taken to the official Google Play Store’s page of the requested game, Flappy48. Click the Install button, accept the terms and conditions. Download process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the whole process. After that, the game will be installed on the Emulator and you’ll be notified with a proper Successful notification as well.

Flappy48 for PC 5

You’re done with the Installation process. Flappy48 has been installed on your respective PC. To get started with this game, you just need to launch the Emulator on your PC first. You would see a page of previously installed apps and games along with the recent one, Flappy48. Click the icon of Flappy48 which would be right there on that page, the game will be launched and you can start playing it on your PC instantly.

What’s your take? Have you ever tried playing this game? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, kindly drop your words into the comment section given below this post. We’d like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates in the coming time!

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