Samsung is a multinational having its origin in South Korea and has its operations being done worldwide leaving no area untouched with its services. It offers many services like entertainment, medical equipments, chemicals and many more used by people around the globe, but is popular among its customers and followers due to smartphones developed by them.  The company is among the largest manufacturer of smartphones running on Android OS developed by Google, having about 32% of global share in the smartphone industry achieved due to hard work and service delivery.

Most liked and preferred feature of Android operating system is that it can be customized and change with rooting and with flashing multiple ROMs. People using Android devices/smartphones can change the outlook of the device entirely through the ROMs and make it better along with increasing the user experience. Basically flashing and rooting is done through desktop and some software aiding you to in the process on your Android device.


Flash / Install ROM on Samsung Android Phone through Odin 3.07 / 3.09:

Odin is an application formulated for Windows and Mac operating system by Samsung Electronics for flashing and updating ROMs the smartphones developed by them for consumers. Having an easy to use interface, it provides the user to be handy and efficient in working. The application is up to mark and provides full support to you. The latest versions of the application are Odin 3.07 / 3.09.


Steps of Installing / Flashing ROMs on Samsung Android Device with Odin 3.07 / 3.09:

Step 1:

You have to boot the device into the download mode through holding the Volume Down button and Home button altogether, after this press Power key for enabling the process. Press the button till Android bot is present with a triangle, then press the power key for confirmation.

Step 2:

Download and install Odin 3.07 / 3.09 from the link and make sure you have Samsung USB drivers installed in the computer. Open the application and connect your device with the system, on connecting the application will itself recognize the device with the ‘added’ message in the lower panel.


Step 3:

Now download the ROM compatible with your device and extract its contents on the system. For making the file to be located by the application click on the PDA option present and select the file extracted.

Step 4:

After doing this, click on the Start option present for initiating the ROM flashing process. The process will be when Odin shows the Pass Message in Green and disconnect the device from the system.

Step 5:

The device will reboot after it has disconnected and will do the functions for the first use

Now you have flashed the ROM through Odin 3.07 / 3.09 on your Samsung Android device without any problem and bricking it.

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