Messaging applications are one of the most downloaded apps on smartphone whether running on Android, iOS or many more making the device user to have a platform to connect with people. There are several messengers providing the public to use them with the features offered to communicate and encounter a great time with the loved ones through it. Many of the apps have similar features but the way of presenting it is diverse from others making it to have uniqueness not there in them. Other than texting the person can share and send various multimedia contents with people to provide them another way of communicating people.

Fling is a messaging application having the same content as inherited by messenger apps formulated for mobile operating systems, but with a twist just like the name. The person using the app can send the multimedia content captured at the moment to the contacts with a message attached with it. The user can send the audio, video and image not just to 2 or 20 people but double than the number allowed in other messaging applications about 50 people can be selected to send the content along with message. The app has a great view along with user interface for enabling the person using it to experience the service in an innovative way. The process of sending the message on the app is widely famous and known as flung being wacky as the service.


Features of Fling:

  • An innovative and unique way of chatting and sending the message to the people along with sharing the multimedia content.
  • Simple, elegant and addicting encounter while using the app to make you have a great time with it.
  • Send and share the video, photo in a unique way than other messaging apps attach your message to get the never before experience.
  • Acknowledge the real time location where when you send a message to a contact with the maps designed for the showing the current location of the message sent.
  • Awesome functioning and performance of the messenger making the user to have it as daily use basis.


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Fling App Download for Android and iOS:

Fling is a great application formulated for messaging and allows the person to have a brilliant platform for communicating with people. You can access the features and services of the messaging app on your smartphone; get Fling App Download for Android and iOS.

Fling App

Fling App Download for Android

Fling App Download for iPhone and iPad

Steps of Installing Fling App on Android and iOS:

Step 1:

Download the APK file for Android and IPA file for iOS from the links provided above on your desktop, the links are safe and secure for doing the download process.

Step 2:

For Android, after the download finishes transfer the APK file on the Android smartphone from the desktop. Locate the file on the device and then tap on it to initiate the installation process.


Step 3:

For iOS, after the download process completes open the iTunes app on the system. Go to the file and click on the open devices option present there. Then click on Sync option for installing the messenger on the iOS device.

Step 4:

On the completion the messenger will be placed on the App Screen of the Android device and on iOS it will there on the homescreen of the device.

Fling App Download for Android, iPhone and iPad (APK & IPA)
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