Mac OS X has got its own different user interface unlike the Windows OS. There are people who got annoyed with some of the messy functions available on Mac, if they are a newbie. Well, working on a Mac is everyone’s dream, but before to move anywhere, you got to know some of the very interesting functions and features available on Mac. One of the most frustrating thing is to quit a particular app. If you don’t know the way of quitting a current application, you can get all the details about it from the following tutorial. See how to force quit applications on Mac OS X. Details are as follows! 

How to Force Quit Applications on Mac OS X

There are a number of different ways available to Force Quit an Application. When it comes to Mac, you can do plenty of things instantly with a smoother user interface.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts of your Mac

This is the most user friendly trick you can apply while quitting a particular app opened on your Mac. To do so, you just need to follow the below given Shortcut.


Use these three given keys simultaneously. You will see a Force Quit Applications Window. From here you can see a list of all the app which are being opened. You can select a particular ones and hit the Force Quit button given at the bottom of that Window. Quit that out easily!

2. Use the Dock

Mac offers you a Dock where you can put things to get on to them quickly. It will also see all the opened apps right there. Quit out a running app from Dock is pretty easy. You just need to take your cursor to the app which you want to quit. Right click on to it and a new menu will open. Hit on to the Force Quit option. You’re done! See, the image given below!

Quit App

3. Use your Mac’s Apple Menu

Apple Menu is resides at the very left corner of your Window with an Apple icon. Click on to that Apple logo, a new menu will open. There you would see a Force Quit option. Click that option and you would be presented a Force Quit Application Window again. Select the app and hit the Force Quit Option. You’re done!

Apple Logo

Force Quit from List

4. Use your Mac’s Terminal Window

Mac allows you to enter proper commands to do a number of things to get done many of your tasks instantly. Like the Windows OS, you can enter commands and try out things instantly. To Force Quit an Application, open up the Terminal Window of your Mac and enter the following command over there.

Go to Applications>> Utilities>> Terminal

Above path will bring you the Terminal Window on your Desktop. After that enter the following command.

Type “top” and hit the Enter Key. This will give you a list of all the applications along with your Mac’s current usage and all. Find out the name of that particular app and note down the number given there.

Type “q” and hit the Enter button.

Type “kill number of that application” and hit the Enter button.

Exit from the terminal window. The app which you wanted to quit is not quitted. You would not be able to find it out again on your dock or anywhere.

How to Force Quit Applications on Mac OS X
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