In our Windows operating system running laptops and desktops we are provided with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in order to provide the user to have a great experience while playing games and etc. Basically the main use of the GPU is support and run the images having high quality along with performing the acceleration the process of image creation in the system. In the desktop the GPU is generally placed in the motherboard where all the circuits are placed related to the functioning of the system.

Various desktops comes with a preinstalled Intel HD Graphics in order provide best results with the packed Intel processor. Several people think that the Intel HD Graphics is a good graphic processor which has the efficiency and performance in order to provide them a brilliant time when they are playing high quality games and watching high resolution videos. But somewhat the GPU has some deficiency and lacking which makes you to derive the full benefit from the working and performance of the Intel HD Graphics. You can also change the default Intel HD Graphics if you also think that it is unable to give you the expected benefit and efficiency from it.

intel hd graphics

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Force Use NVIDIA Graphics (GPU) Instead of Intel HD Graphics in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7:

There are various GPUs which are there as and more efficient than Intel HD Graphics providing you to have the full performance as you expected. You can use the other alternatives in place of it and NVIDIA is an efficient GPU aiding you to experience the game in a different way just as you want to encounter it. Here is the guide aiding you to force the use of NVIDIA Graphics (GPU) instead of Intel HD Graphics and having a great time.


Steps of Using NVIDIA Graphics (GPU) instead of Intel HD Graphics in Windows:

Step 1:

First you have to go to the desktop and right click. Select the NVIDIA Control Panel to go to the settings of the GPU. Now go to Adjust Image Settings with Preview Option and select the Use my preference emphasizing.

Step 2:

Move the slider present to the performance which will trade away the graphics quality for the increased frame rate. Go to Advanced 3D image settings option where you will able to perform the main function.


Step 3:

NVIDIA keeps the database of the optimal settings for several games and you can change the settings for the particular game which you want to. Choose the game in the Select the program to customize and choose the preferred graphics processor for the selected program.

Now the particular game will render the NVIDIA GPU whenever it will run on the system.

Force Use NVIDIA Graphics (GPU) Instead of Intel HD Graphics in Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 [How to]
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