Today we perform various functions through our smartphone like sending business mails, making a presentation and several others for making the functionality also the working to be easy and comfortable. Security arises as a major issue as there are many personal and business content files present on the smartphone and it may leak or go in the wrong hands proving to be a threat for the user. Android operating system offers the user to lock the smartphone running on the OS through Pin, Pattern or with a Password to protect the data present on it. It is an easy way of securing the Android smartphone from others.

Many a times we tend to forgot the Android PIN, Pattern or Password and are unable to open the phone to access it along with performing the functions on it. This only is efficient to give a panic attack and make the person forgot the lock key to worry about the smartphone and make the person to get trouble with this situation. But we have got a fix providing the answer to question what to do when one forgets the Android PIN, Pattern or Password and bypass the lock for using the smartphone. You can see the steps for opening the lock and accessing the Android device.


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What to Do When You Forget Android PIN, Pattern or Password of Your Android Device:

There are various methods to bypass the lock screen if you haven’t unlocked it after you tried till the trying limit and failed. These methods will surely help you to access the device after you have unlocked through them.

Method 1: Your Google Account

You must have an active data connection to use this method and have the access to the internet to perform this one. At the bottom of the screen of your Android device there you will see ‘Forgot Pattern’ option tap on it and you will be asked your Google email id and the password.

many pattern attempts


Enter the details and tap on the Sign-in Option, it will redirect you to Google Play along with a set of instructions follow them and you will unlock your Android device.

Method 2: Booting to Android System Recovery

It can be used by anyone even if you don’t have an internet connection, it might delete all the information you have on your smartphone like the email account, your files and media etc. Power off your device and remove your SD card to save the media to be removed.


For getting into recovery mode press the Volume up and Power Button, then you have to go to System recovery option be pressing the Volume button and select the option by the menu soft key. The device will reboot after wiping the data and will be unlocked after the process is completed.

I Forgot my Android PIN, Pattern or Password – What Should I Do?
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