Files present in our system range from being large in size and small in size and each file has an important along with distinct significance for the system and user. Many have vast storage space for keeping the files and safeguarding them for their use and system, but people who don’t have it has to transfer it to other storage devices and make it safe. The external storage devices like pen drive, external hard drives are like a fortune/boon for them for their files and making them safe.

While using the USB pen drive we often face errors like copying and transferring files problems etc, having basic and simple steps of recovering from them and making the user to work as usual on the system with ease. Having the problem of write-protected on your USB drive is not so good as it avoids the user from transferring the files to the drive through the system. The problem can be solved through following a process along with the steps present and included in it. We have given the steps for helping you in resolving the problem.


Steps of Formatting the Write Protected USB Flash Drive:

You can resolve the problem, just by formatting the drive and clearing all the data present in it.

Step 1:

Firstly you have to open the Regedit.exe by typing it on the search bar present on the Start Menu and type some commands indicated in the next step.


Step 2:

Type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\control and search for the Storage Device Policies. Double-click on the WriteProtect key present on the right side of the regedit.exe panel


Step 3:

On clicking it you have to change the key ranging from the value between 1 to 0 at the Value data Box and after doing this save the settings with the changes. Restart your system after exiting from the Regedit.exe from the system.

There are reports of people not able to find the Storage Device Policies in their system and were unable to clear the problem. If you are also unable to find it, then you can also create a new key and solve the problem. For this you have to:

  • Open the control folder by right-clicking for getting the option and then click KEY.
  • Then rename it to the folder not found by you Storage Device Policies and right click on it for choosing the new >DWORD.


  • Now you have to rename the folder to WriteProtect and set the value of the folder to 0.
  • Close and restart the system after closing the Regedit.exe panel.

How to Format a Write Protected Pen Drive or USB Drive
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