Game Boy Advance is a portable handheld video game console on which a person can play 32-bit games for having a great time filled with enjoyment. The video game console is developed and marketed by Nintendo; it was initially released on the year 2001 as the successor of the Game Boy color. It is popularly known as GBA among the people as it is sort of cool and serves as the short form of the video game console. Having a small and light 3 by 2 inch LCD color screen with a 32-bit RISC processor giving a great performance on using the console.

The video game console made a remarkable and noticeable impact on the gaming industry providing the public a gadget on which they can play and enjoy games on their will anytime and anywhere. The battery life in the console was quite good providing 15 hours average backup while playing and used 2AA batteries for running. In the past years there were many revisions taken place to make the console to have better features, performance, and efficiency with the changing time. The people are fond of Game Boy Advance gaming console due to being lightweight, portable and giving a marvelous gaming experience on their hands. There are many games available to be played on the game console to enjoy and encounter the video games and see the capability of the console.


Download GBA Emulator for PC:

GBA has lost its shine with the passing days and has become a memory in people’s minds making them to remember what they had. People still have the console along with the games with them to encounter the past. You can play the GBA games on your PC and relive the memories left a long back ago. With the help of GBA Emulator for PC you can play the 32-bit games on your system.


GBA Emulator for PC

Features of GBA Emulator for PC:

  • It is a Directx based emulator for the Windows operating system, offering people to play GBA games on it
  • Export your saved games to other emulators and import your saved games from various emulators.
  • Having supportability with Game Boy ROMs whether being any console coming under the series.
  • Giving you the option to capture the screen for having the content saved in image form.
  • Enjoy the games in best graphics with making the player to have an excellent experience on it.


The link provided will help you in downloading the emulator and installing it for using on the system. Use the features for making gaming experience best and brilliant for enjoying the games fullest. Link is safe and secure, it will protect the system from attacks of malicious content giving the system to lose it performance and efficiency capability

GBA Emulator for PC Free Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1)
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