VLC Media Player doesn’t need an introduction it is widely popular and acclaimed among the people of the world used by them for playing along streaming the media contents like audio and video. It is a compact, free and an open source multiple platform supportive player developed along with marketed by VideoLAN for people who want to enjoy their media in a brilliant way. The media player was launched by the company about 13 years ago in 2001 to provide the desktop users a unique and diverse media player from several others enabling them to enjoy their media in the best way.

When it comes to see movies on the desktop VLC is the name which comes in the people’s mind due to the features, efficiency and performance delivered by it to make the viewing to be different from the usual along with allowing them to have a great time. The person can play the media even if they are disturbed, uncompleted or lack the finish touch (in between of downloading process), making the person to don’t worry about getting access to the content which might be not possible on other media players. The main problem experienced by the people seeing movies is the inability of subtitles which lower the experience encountered while watching the movie. But we are going to solve that problem for you today; we have got a solution enabling you to get / enable automatic movie subtitles in VLC Media Player.

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Getting / Enabling Automatic Subtitles in VLC Media Player:

First you have download an VLC extension which will aid you to get the subtitles for the movie as it will look out and get the Subtitles of the movie by downloading it through the name of watching and playing movie. The name of the extension is VLSub.


Steps of Using VLSub on VLC Media Player:

Step 1:

Download the VLSub master zip file from the link and unzip the contents. In the extracted files you will see VLSub.lua file which you have to move to the extensions folder of the media player.

Step 2:

Open the program files of the system and go to VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions where you have to copy the file. Launch the VLC Media Player by choosing any movie then open the VLSub through the title bar of player from View option.


Step 3:

When the VLSub window opens, choose the language of the subtitles and then initiate the search through selecting the one among ‘Search by Name’ or ‘Search by Hash’ options.

Step 4:

Select by name is more efficient than then Search by hash as more results were generated through the former. Once the extension has found the subtitles, download the one you find the best and it will load automatically in the current running movie without any problem or trouble experienced while see the movie.


How to Get / Enable Automatic Movie Subtitles in VLC Media Player
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