We all use dozens of applications on our smartphones and tablets allowing us to enjoy and having a great time. Various applications and games are available to be downloaded and installed on the device without paying an amount there for free, but just they are not present for free the app will not cost in the coming future. That’s where the In-App Purchases comes in as the name says it that for unlocking the features present within the app the user has to buy them and pay for them in money using the online transaction medium to do so.

In-app Purchases are sometimes annoying making the person unable to get the full benefit of the downloaded app on the smartphone or tablet. The purchases available are high in cost disabling you to get the expected benefit from the application and result in getting a bad experience with the app. Several companies follow up the same feature in their apps first they make them available for free of cost and then after you are addicted to the app make the in-app purchase to get more features making you get an extraordinary experience with the purchases features. Many people do the purchase as they are attracted towards the characteristics and features allowed them if the purchases are made on their smartphone or tablet.

free in app purchases

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Get Free In-App Purchases in Android Apps & Games:

If you are significantly annoyed and pissed off due to the in-app purchases in Android then we have found a way allowing you to make the purchases free of cost without any difficulty and problem. You can perform the in-app purchase through an app naming Freedom.

But be sure that you want to do so as we are providing the medium which has both the pros and cons resulting good or bad for your device. The Android smartphone or tablet should be rooted for performing the steps properly and efficiently.

freedom app

Download Freedom

Steps to Get Free In-App Purchases in Android Apps & Games:

Step 1:

Download the app from the link it is an APK file which is need to be installed after it gets downloaded in the device. The download will be safe as the link provided is secure and will not hamper the safety of the device.

Step 2:

Before installing the application you have to check that you have enabled the Unknown Resources option in your device. Otherwise the app will not be able to be install completely.

Subway Surfer coins

Step 3:

Open the application after the installation is completed from the App Drawer. Allow the app to get Super User Access select the “This Time Only” option. Tap on the menu there on the top right corner and select Start.

Step 4:

A list will come up showing the apps and games which are supported with Freedom. Open the app which has the in-app purchase through Freedom. We chose Subway Surfers for illustration.

Step 5:

Open the store and you will see the amount of coins there in the image. Proceeding with the purchase will show you a Freecard XXX-9535. After the payment is done you will see the no of coins has increased from the previous number slated in the image.

Free purchase

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