Living in the digital age we all access the internet for getting the details and the information needed on our finger tips without encountering any sort of trouble and difficulty. There are a number of websites offering the people what they want with great flexibility and fulfilling their expectations. While reading the news posts and articles you might see a date specified to the webpage showcasing the date when the article was published. As you can see the date on which a particular post was published on the site and how many days etc is being published.

Basically there are three dates attached to a particular webpage, the publication date, the indexed date and the cache date each having their own distinct properties showing the time of page being on internet. Some webpages have the date mentioned to it defining their published date on which it first came on the World Wide Web to be accessed by a person. There are also various sites which don’t have a date associated to it making the person visiting the page unable to know the actual date of publishing the article or post. As humans we have the urge and desire to know more about things and if you want to know about the date when a webpage was published on internet then we have a guide for through which you can see the publishing date of the page.

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Finding the Date When A Webpage was Published:

With the guide you can acknowledge the actual date of the article at which it was being published and first came on the internet to be accessed by the people. The guide comprises of simple Google hack using the popular search engine as a means to get the result. There will be no sort of harm caused to the system while performing this trick rather you will have fun.

Step 1:

Launch the browser and open where you have to paste the URL of any webpage or any particular webpage on the search box. After pasting the URL hit enter, you will see the page in the search results of Google.

Step 2:

Now go to the address bar of the browser (press Ctrl + L in Firefox and Chrome whereas Alt + D in Internet Explorer) and copy the text ‘&as_qdr=y15’ on the end of the Google search URL then hit enter.


Step 3:

Google will again load the results and will show the actual date of the results when they were published on the World Wide Web aiding you to know the date which you wanted to know.

The date is visible on the browser as crawls the webpage as soon it is being published on internet; however the date shown is often exact and if there is any sort of modification done recently then the date might differ.

Get The Date When A Webpage was Published on Internet (How to)
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