Google Earth is a great geographical knowledge providing program through a virtual globe and maps which charts the Earth by positioning the photos taken by satellites. The program is available in two different licenses which are Google Earth (Free) and Google Earth Pro (For Commercial Use $399 per year), a third license was also there Google Earth Plus which has now been discontinued by the company. The tool was released and launched about 6 years in 2005 for public to access the features on their PC’s and laptops, it can used both on Windows and Mac operating system.

A browser plug-in is also there for people to use the tool on their browser being released on 2008 allowing them to have extension of the program. Being developed by Google, the company ensures the regular updating of Google Earth to ensure that the public have the access to latest changes in the geographical state of earth and acknowledge the changes taking place with the time passing. Later on the tool was launched and marketed for various mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows to make the people using the smartphones and tablets to have the accessibility to the characteristics on their devices along with having a remote access to places present nearby with the detailed good quality images.


Features of Google Earth:

  • Have a detailed view of the places present on the earth and get the exact look on it.
  • A great tool for getting knowledge about the geographical features of the nearby locations.
  • Aiding in providing more information than one about a particular place or location.
  • Can be accessed on various devices whether you use it on a desktop or on your portable smartphone it works on all properly.
  • Excellent in working and performing the function efficiently just as expected.

Google Earth

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Google Earth Offline Installer for Windows:

Google Earth Offline Installer is available for Windows operating system users to give them the feel of the program allowing them to access the features on their desktops and laptops. You can use the tool for your geographical projects and getting information about the locations, places present on the world aiding you to formulate your next trip.


Google Earth Offline Installer for Windows

Steps of Installing Google Earth Offline Installer:

Step 1:

Download the geo content program from the link provided above which will direct you to official page of Google Earth. The link is safe and secure in performing the download procedure as it is the official page of Google Earth.

Step 2:

Click on the Agree and Download option to initiate the download process. The installer will require the internet connection as to extract the other related files for the tool from the World Wide Web.

Step 3:

After the installation is finished you are now able to use the geo tool for acknowledging and getting information about the locations which you want to know.

Google Earth Offline Installer Free Download for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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