Gmail is web-based, advertising free email service owned by the technological giant Google; it is a secure webmail with requirement of registration to avail the service. The mail service is quite popular among people and is renowned for the service offered which the 42 million users are experiencing through the site. Being launched in 2004 by the company not thought of seeking this craze and use of the webmail service within the coming years. The email service is available for people in about 40 languages for getting the comfort and ease of their mother tongue while working on the site. Google has made some significant changes within the 10 years of service delivered making a highly recommended email service.

Recently Google launched the Inbox mobile application for the widely acclaimed and used mobile operating system Android and iOS device users which will walk with Gmail side by side. The company stated that the application was making process from last few years and will not takeover Gmail, but will provide people a new and different way of showing the messages. Google wants to make the email service better with the changes. Inbox is developed by the same team which was present at the time when Gmail was in making.


Features of Google Inbox:

  • Packs new features for making the email more interesting in using.
  • It has an alert feature named Reminder allowing the user to create tasks alerts for the future.
  • Working in coordination with Gmail so no need of making a separate registration for the service.
  • No mail will be lost if not made on Inbox and made on Gmail; it will keep the mail without deleting it.
  • Good in using and offers an interactive interface making the user to enjoy the email service in a unique way.


Google Inbox APK Download:

The new email service application from Google offers a lot more than usual are present in one, making it to give a try. Android users have a benefit as it is developed from the company who also formulates the mobile operating system, this will provide more in-app features for Android device users. Here is the guide for Google Inbox APK downloading and installing process for Android users.

Google Inbox APK Download


Steps of Installing Google Inbox APK:

Step 1:

Download the APK file of the application from the link given above in your desktop. The downloading process will be completed in a couple of minutes and the link is safe along with being secure at the same moment.

Step 2:

Transfer the downloaded file and for doing the transfer process fast use a USB cable it will make the transfer in seconds.



Step 3:

Disconnect the USB cable from your desktop and locate the transferred file on your Android device. Tap on the file for starting the installation process.

Step 4:

After the installation process finishes, open the application present on the App Drawer of your device. Follow the procedure and make yourself comfortable with the new email service.

Now you downloaded and installed Google Inbox APK for your Android smartphone and have an interesting thing to access your emails on Gmail.

Google Inbox APK For Android Free Download
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