Grand Theft Auto game series is considered to be one of most popular and renowned action adventure video game collection allowing the people to experience an open world to perform various activities. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games are developed by Rockstar North and marketed by Rockstar Games for providing the player a gameplay having some part of adult nature and violent theme. GTA San Andreas is one of the games in the GTA series, released on 2004 for Playstation and a year later for desktop operating systems, the seventh edition after the much acclaimed GTA Vice City giving people a new action open world pastime.

GTA San Andreas is a third-person viewpoint based set in open world for enabling the gamer to relate with the world on their leisure time. The game is basically settled up in the fictional city of San Andreas under the US State having a glimpse of California and Nevada in it, the player can have a quality time exploring the city along with doing several things. The game is set in the year 1992 and allows the person to enhance the physical attributes of the character through adding tattoos, clothing, and accessories etc along with increase the physical strength by performing regular exercises and gym. The game is recorded as to among the list of best Playstation 2 games and is the highest selling game for PS 2 about 12 million units of game were sold in 2005. You can now also play the game on your Android smartphone to encounter the experience.


Features of GTA San Andreas:

  • It contains some awesome visuals and graphics allowing you to had a never before gameplay.
  • Offering the player to explore the cities in the game along with rural areas present in the game’s open world environment.
  • Countless number of vehicles available to make the player to have a great time.
  • Make your character as you want through the customizable options available also beef up him to increase the physical strength.
  • Take control of the streets and enjoy the game for hours.

GTA San Anderas

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Download GTA San Andreas APK + Data Download:

The features of the game are attractive and easy make the urge among the people to play the game for encountering the fun, excitement and thrill present in it. The game is available on Play Store but you have to purchase it in order to play it, here we have the free GTA San Andreas APK + Data to download.


GTA San Andreas APK Download

GTA San Andreas Data Download

Steps of Downloading and Installing GTA San Andreas APK:

Step 1:

Download the APK and data file from the links provided above on your desktop. The links provided are safe and secure for downloading has no sort of malicious content.

Step 2:

Transfer the downloaded file from the desktop through the USB cable to your smartphone.


Step 3:

Locate the transmitted file on your Android smartphone and tap on it to being the installation.

Step 4:

The installation will require some minutes as the files are big and will need time to be processed fully in the device.

GTA San Andreas APK + Data Free Download Full Android Game
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