Drive Partitions are the locations on the system where the files are kept stored and saved for working in the coming time. The partitions are necessary for keeping the files and folders to be safeguarded from the malicious viruses and etc. There are many files present on the hard drive partitions which are needful and important for the user working on the system. It proves to be annoying and frustrating to hide files and folders one by one from keeping them away from the people who use the system other than you.

Other than doing the hiding process one by one you can hide the entire drive from your PC and laptop for safeguarding the files and folders at the same location. You can make a drive specifically for keeping the files and folders which you want to stay hidden from others and make their access limited to you not to many people. You thought that it wasn’t possible but you can now do and hide your drive.

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Methods of Hiding Drive in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1:

The hiding of the drive is done efficiently as the Windows operating system doesn’t remember the drive partition through letters C:, D: etc and drive can be made hidden along with protected through removing the drive letter temporally as for making it unhidden in future. There are two methods present for hiding the drive

Method 1:

In this method the drive is made hidden through the Local Group Policy Editor, in starting you have to type gpedit.msc in the run box for open the Local Group Policy Editor.

After this navigate to User Configuration and click on the Administrative Templates for going further in the process. On the Administrative Templates you will found a Windows Components, double-click on the folder for opening it.

Drive hidden

On scrolling down you have to look for the folder Windows Explorer, double click on it and search for the Hide these specified drives in My Computer option, click on it for doing hiding of the drive.

Enable the option by selecting Enabled option and now choose the drive partition through the Pick one of the following combinations. After selecting you have now made a drive hidden from the system and others.

Method 2:

You can also hide and protect the Hard drive partition through command prompt and make the drive hidden in your system just typing some commands with ease and no tension.

Open the Command Prompt as being the Administrator, it should run as an Administrator for making the hiding process fully performed and done properly.

hide drive

Type diskpart command along with the command list volume after typing the former command and it will list the drives in front of you as Volume 1, 2 and so on with the letter it is present on the computer or laptop. After selecting the volume to made hidden, type disport and the volume name as Select Volume 2 if chose the second volume.

Then type remove letter r if the volume you have selected has different then interchange the letter. After doing this the drive will make inaccessible and become hidden from the system.

How to Hide Any Hard Drive in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
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