We all click selfies, photos and shoot videos on through the camera present on our smartphone. Also we share the clicked photos and recorded videos with friends to show them your great experienced moments, on the device there are several photos and videos which are private for us and we don’t want to share along with make not seen by others. Pictures and videos are present in the Gallery of the Android phone which is accessible by anyone who is using the device at the time. The person using your device might misuse your private pictures and videos by posting it on social networking sites and etc. There are various applications for providing you the feature to hide the pictures and videos on your Android device. We have selected and listed some apps for hiding pictures and videos on Android phone.

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Applications for Hiding Pictures and Videos on Android:

  • Vault:

    It is an application allowing the Android user to hide and safeguard the pictures, videos also even other apps on the device. You can also make them protected with the help of a password and only by typing the password you will be eligible to see the hidden images and videos on the device. Through the front-facing camera of the device Vault takes the photo of the person trying intruding to see the hidden photographs.


  • Keep Safe:

    Looking for a simple application to protect the videos and images present on the device, then download Keep Safe for securing the files and putting pattern or password lock on the hidden photos and videos. It is an easy application to use, just select the photos and videos on Android device for hiding type the desired pin for securing them.


  • Vaulty:

    Vaulty is a private gallery application enabling the person to hide the media files from the device also form the gallery. The same procedure of protection is available to use in the app just select the files and type the selected pin to hide the files. Having a nice user interface you can enjoy the app while using the features of it for your personal use.


  • Gallery Lock Lite:

    Want a tool that is comprehensive in using and make the other person to pull his/her hair to see the hidden photos and videos, then use Gallery Lock Lite. For seeing the hidden pictures and videos you have to dial 3333 from your dialer and call to open the app. It makes the user to hide the app from the App drawer menu of the device.

Gallery lock

  • Secure Gallery:

    Secure Gallery makes the user to hide the media files on the device and maintaining the privacy on the device. You can also put pattern lock in spite of the password lock for safeguarding the files on the device. It is a free application available for users to access the features and secure their photos along with videos from others to make sure that other people are not able to see them.


How to Hide Pictures & Videos on Android Phone
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