Windows Phone is one of most popular mobile operating system used by many people on their smartphones and tablets. The operating system is developed by Microsoft aiming to provide the people a new and unique way of using the phones along with performing their work in a more efficient way. The mobile operating system is among the three widely acclaimed and used OS for devices allowing the people to encounter the changed dimension or way of using their phones and tablets. Windows Phone OS is good in using offering various types of features to make the accessibility to be comfort and allow the users to have a great time.

There are several applications present to be used and accessed by Windows Phone users aiding them in experiencing the marvelous features and characteristics offered in it. The apps are a great medium to have the entertainment, enjoyment and fun on a smartphone providing the person accessing them to have a brilliant moment on their device. Windows Phone also allows the users to safeguard their apps, phone data and other phone settings making the device secure from several people which may hamper the data present and misusing against you. The latest update of Windows Phone 8.1 provides some features to secure the device more properly and efficiently than the previous updates.


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Hide SMS, Photos, Videos, WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8.1:

The new version of Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8.1) allows the users to hide sms, photos, videos, WhatsApp and several other things on your device to remain unseen by other people using it. Microsoft rolled out the Apps Corner in the recent update which is a unique way to formulate a customized start screen for your device making you to manage the settings, apps, camera and even the search on your device. This allows the user to avoid the installation of any other apps related to the security to the smartphone and increase the load on the memory of the device. The guide will allows to make the other person using the device to get limited access to it and use the apps selected by you to be seen in the screen.


Steps of Initiating Apps Corner on Windows Phone 8.1:

Step 1:

Open the Settings on your phone then go to Apps Corner and tap on it. Select Apps option and choose the apps which you want to be used.

Step 2:

Doing this you have to decide whether the people should use the Action Centre, turn on if you want or turn off. Turning off it will automatically remove the access of the settings.


Step 3:

Now you have to tap on the Advanced settings where you can disable the Camera, Search and other related things.

Step 4:

Along with this you can select the position and size of the app tile in screen. Pin to the start screen after performing the steps where you can run the Apps Corner through the launch button present in the menu bar.

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