A couple of days ago we offered provided you the guide aiding to develop Backup copies of the Word documents which is not automatically enabled in the Word processor. Microsoft Word has the option of creating the backup of the document on which the person is working on and saving it on the same location where the original file is being saved and present on the system. The advantage of the backup is to make sure that all the work performed by you is reserved when the original one gets corrupted or is unable to utilize by you due to a difficulty.

The main thing regarding the backup file of the document is the extension which it uses to get saved on the drive of your system. Mainly the Backup file of a word document is saved and stored on the system is saved with ‘.wbk’ extension which is not usually known by a lot of people finding it difficult to access it on the moment when it is being needed by them. Today we will tell you that how you can access a backup document on MS Word on your system easily without any sort of trouble.

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Accessing A Backup Document on MS Word:

Opening a word backup is simple and easy allowing you to get it and the contents present inside it to be utilized without any sort of trouble and performing the activity with the help of the backup. Below is the guide aiding you to know to in what way you can open the backup file of the document.

Step 1:

First of all you have to launch MS Word 2013 on your desktop or laptop, while you launch the Word processor without opening a document then you get a Recent document list on the left side with the templates which can be utilized as the basis of the document present on the right side.

Step 2:

On the bottom of the Recent list you will see an option stating ‘Open other Documents’, click on it. If you have launch Word 2013 by opening an existing document then just hold and press the Ctrl + O for accessing the Open window which is there on the File menu of the Word processor.


Step 3:

At the Open window go to location where the backup is being stored which will the place where the original document is present on the drive. On the location there will be the original document not the backup file and as the backup file uses the ‘.wbk’ extension. The window will by default will showcase the Word documents only.

Step 4:

For seeing the backup file you have to go to select All Files on the drop-down menu present on the bottom right of the box. Now you will see the backup file of the document and just double-click on it in order to open it on Microsoft Word 2013.

All Files

You can also change the extension to .docx from .wbx which is default Word extension in order to get it easily on the stored location.

How To Access A Backup Document on MS Word
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