Windows 10 is now released and launched by Microsoft in about 190 countries providing the people there to update their Windows system and encounter the whole experience present in it to make your efficiency to level up. The new generation operating system provides and contains a lot of new tweaks and features which will be useful for both desktop and tablet users aiding both to get the user experience similar and not different in accessing. Windows 10 inherits a lot of new characteristics which will require people a lot of learning to acknowledge the functions which will help to work more easily and get more performance.

As lot of people must knew that Microsoft has added Xbox One to their new operating system with Game DVR feature to increase the game streaming making the users to play their favorite Xbox One game on their system easily. Game DVR allows the user to record the gameplay of the particular game currently played by him/her on their Windows 10 operating system. On using it you will find that Game DVR can not only be used for recording the gameplay but for recording any application present and accessed on the active screen.

windows screen record

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Accessing Hidden Screen Recorder Tool in Windows 10:

Through the hidden screen recorder tool in Windows 10 you can record the screen without the use of third-party apps, as before you have to download and install other apps in order to record the screen. The process of using the hidden screen recorder tool in Windows 10 for allowing you to get the content in a more clear and vivid form.

Step 1:

First of all you have to make sure that you have a Microsoft account which is connected to Xbox as after recording the screen you need to go to Xbox in order to view the recorded clip. If you don’t have an account then you have to create one to access the feature.

Step 2:

Now hold the Windows and G key on your keyboard which will pop-up a toolbar and on the first launch it will ask you ‘Do you want to open Game bar?’ then you have to click on Yes, This is a game.

windows screen recorder

Step 3:

Hit the red button to start the recording of the video and in middle of the recording you can capture screenshots just by hitting Windows+Alt+ PrtScr.

Step 4:

You can change and set desired settings by accessing the clicking on the Gear icon which will lead you to settings of the recorder. After the recording is completed you have to launch the Xbox app to get the record and there you can more advanced settings for the screen recorder.


The recorded videos will be saved in MP4 format in Xbox’s Game DVR section which can viewed there easily without any sort of trouble.

How to Access Hidden Screen Recorder Tool in Windows 10
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