Microsoft’s recently launched operating system contains numerous features through which makes the user to get functioning and effectiveness improved as expected. Among the offered features there is one which is got a lot of attention before and after the launch of the operating system is Multiple Desktops option which allow the person to get another desktop without plugging an extra monitor to the system. The plugging of two desktop might be useful but who wants to be entangled in wires and procedure of making them working both in unison to performing the process or activity with the help of the dual monitors.

Apple’s Mac operating system also contains the Multiple Desktop option which is been there from 2009 with the launch of OS X 10.5 Leopard. Many of readers might be surprised when knowing the availability of the feature on their system which they didn’t thought of existing on their Mac. The multiple desktops are called ‘Spaces’ on the Apple system allowing the users to perform organization of the work, distractions and get a clear view on task at the present time easily. Through the help of Spaces a Mac user to avoid the juggle between multiple windows minimizing, maximizing taking over the space there on the screen.

Multiple desktops

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Access Multiple Desktops on Mac OS X:

If you are using Mac OS X then you can easily access multiple desktop to perform the work with more focus to get the result as expected with more efficiency. A large number of people don’t know how to use Spaces as they don’t knew about the availability of the feature on their Mac system.

Step 1:

Many Mac users must have a knowledge regarding the Mission Control on OS X which can utilized by pressing F3 on the keyboard or through a three finger controlled upward swipe.

Step 2:

You have to open Mission Control for accessing Spaces ‘Multiple Desktops’, it can also be used from the Application folder and from there it can be placed to the dock or can be searched from Spotlight.


Step 3:

For adding a new desktop you have to hover the mouse on the right side at the top corner or just hold the option key for getting it straight. When you will click or hold it will add another desktop is added to the list.

Step 4:

In order to add more desktops you perform same thing again on the system. For navigating desktops using three-finger swipe in horizontal position or with Ctrl+Arrow keys through the keyboard.


You can perform the moving of apps from one desktop to another easily just by selecting the applications and dragging them to the space of the chosen desktop. For deleting a desktop from the line you have to hold the Option key and click on the X mark present on the top-left of the desktop.

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