PlayStation 4 was announced by Sony at the beginning of 2013 for providing the gamers the next generation features and characteristics making them to get a great gaming experience. The gaming console is the addition to the company’s popular video gaming console series, it contains some brilliant specifications making it the world’s most powerful console as the company states about it. PlayStation 4 contains numerous options and other services through which a player can get more interactivity with devices running iOS and Android mobile operating system. The gaming console lays emphasis on provide the people a gameplay which is more socialized and interesting.

It is been about two years from the launch and release of PlayStation 4 (PS4) on worldwide accessed by people for having a great experience while their favorite games on the console. There is a major concern which is making people to be worried about is the unavailability of media playback features in the video gaming console. The same thing were also missing in the main competition of PS4 Microsoft Xbox One but after sometime they were added to it quickly supporting the playback of popular multimedia formats through USB connecting it to the device.


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Accessing Music, Videos and Photos on PS4 Gaming Console:

Now there are some changes made in PS4 gaming console which will make the gamers to perform playback and access them from a connected USB device with ease. You can easily access through the newly released media player app for PlayStation 4 aiding the user to utilize the videos, music and images easily on their video gaming console. Here is the guide how you can access your PS4 gaming console as media center without any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

First thing you have to install the Media Player on your PS4 gaming console which is to be downloaded through the internet, make sure your connection is good and fast. On the PS4 you have to select the Media Player present on the home screen which can be reached through scrolling.

Step 2:

On selecting the Media Player by pressing the X button on the controller, download option will come up which can be started by tapping on the X button on your PS4 controller. The download will need a couple of minutes which will be installed as soon the media player is being downloaded.

Media Player PS4

Step 3:

Open Media Player from your home screen or library make sure you connected the USB storage device or media server like DLNA etc, as it will be detected as you open it and come up automatically.

Step 4:

Select the USB storage device or the media server which can be used to play the content by pressing X and choose the multimedia content which you to play and access by pressing X.

media player

After this you will be able to access the video and audio easily on PS4 console, imagine playing a game and listening to your favorite at the same time.

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