WhatsApp Web is a desktop based extension for the people using the popular messaging service WhatsApp on their smartphones and tablets. The extension provides the WhatsApp account user a rich communication experience allowing you to perform the activities just as done on the phone. It offers the person to see and send messages to your WhatsApp contacts easily without any sort of trouble as it syncs the account between your phone and computer to maintain the efficiency and performance. For utilizing the web based service of WhatsApp you don’t have to create a fresh new account it can be accessed with the account there on your account.

A lot of people use iPad for performing several activities which can be done on a desktop as it is portable and allows easy movement along with doing work. Many people have tried to use WhatsApp Web on their iPad as to avoid the pain to take out the phone every time it beeps up when a WhatsApp message comes, but failed. As when you try to open WhatsApp Web on Safari browser on your iPad then it automatically redirects you to official website of WhatsApp. We have found a way through which you can access WhatsApp Web client on iPad’s Safari browser easily and manage your WhatsApp account without any trouble.

WhatsApp Web

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Access WhatsApp Web Client on iPad’s Safari Browser:

With the help of this guide you can access your WhatsApp account through the help of WhatsApp Web Client on your iPad’s Safari browser with ease. The process is simple and comfortably avoids the redirect to the official website of WhatsApp with no need of Jailbreak to be used to fulfill the procedure.

Step 1:

Launch your Safari browser on iPad and open go to web.whatsapp.com. As you know it will redirect you to the official WhatsApp page don’t stop the loading of the page as the trick is to be done after the page loads.

Step 2:

When the page load completely then go to the address bar and swipe down for viewing the Request Desktop site feature, then tap on it. The page will reload and you will see that it will load the WhatsApp Web page.

WhatsApp Web iPad

Step 3:

Now you have to take your phone and open WhatsApp on your device, then tap on the WhatsApp web option. After this scan the code through the device make sure that internet connection is active on your device for establishing proper syncing between the device and iPad.

Step 4:

After performing the all above steps you will be able use your iPad to chat with the help of WhatsApp Web client. You can now access your WhatsApp account on iPad to send or reply to WhatsApp messages and perform your work easily.

How To Access WhatsApp Web Client on iPad’s Safari Browser
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