Instagram is a widely accessed social networking platform offering the people to share captured photos and small videos to others. The social networking site offers the user many distinctive features making the person to share the multimedia content easily showcasing them to other present social sites like Facebook, Twitter. On Instagram the photos uploaded are in a unique square shape making it somewhat similar to old Polaroid images developing the person to find the site more intrusive and way diverse than similar characteristics offering platform. Almost 300 million people have their account and are utilizing the features offered to them and sharing their photos without any difficulty.

Many people are getting addicted to Instagram due to brilliant and mind-blowing features making them to share photos easily. Many studies have stated that a large number of people browse Facebook and Instagram than any other present application. If you open Instagram for a couple of minutes then the time on the site exceeds from minutes to hours compiled with likes, follows etc. The people often find it a lot complex to access their Instagram account as they have to switch between using applications to get the latest stories on their account.


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Accessing Instagram Account anytime from iPhone’s Keyboard:

If you are using iPhone then you can easily access Instagram from your keyboard and get the latest feed from your account easily with just a swipe. You have just have to install a simple application on your iPhone which will aid you see latest stories and photos uploaded by people on Instagram.

KeyFeed – Instagram Just Tap Away

KeyFeed is an iOS application compatible on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch allowing every iOS device user to get instant reach on their Instagram account without any sort of trouble. The device on which the application is being installed should be running on iOS 8.3 in order to work properly and easily. Along with viewing the photos you can share, like and perform several functions from iOS device’s keyboard while texting, emailing or etc.


After installing you have to just hold down the Globe icon present to the left on your keyboard and select KeyFeed from the popped list. Choosing it will make the regular keyboard to disappear and will show the images from your Instagram’s timeline in the order of last uploaded.

For seeing more photos present on the bar you have to swipe left which will load the pictures and for seeing you have to again swipe left. If you want to like any photo there on your Instagram’s account timeline just double-tapping placing a heart over the image showing that you have liked the tapped photo.

Keyfeed ios

The main problem in the application is no support of showing and viewing the videos posted on the timeline but it not should be a big deal as it is offering a lot more and making you to swiftly go across the latest updates working on your Instagram account.

How to Access Your Instagram Account Anytime from iPhone’s Keyboard
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