Instagram is a popular photo sharing social networking site allowing the people present worldwide to access the services offered for sharing the videos and images captured. The site is widely used by people due to the distinctive characteristics present and the images uploaded on it are confined to a square shape as similar to the Polaroid and Kodak pictures. The users can add many filters to the uploading images to increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of the images. The social networking site has been developed Facebook and was launched for people to offer them a different photo sharing means in 2010.

There are numerous people using the site from their smartphones and tablets for having a great time while accessing it. Many people have a marvelous experience on managing their account through the devices, sharing their clicked photos and captured videos. The site has currently 300 million users active on it and sharing a large number of multimedia content with other people. Many people are not satisfied with their single account on the site as they want to do more and get the extra benefits which can be derived with another account. But only one account can be managed on the smartphones and tablets which avoids them to do so with the devices.


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Adding & Accessing Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android:

If you are eager to utilize multiple Instagram accounts on your single Android device then we have a trick through which you will be able to do so.  With the trick you will be able to manage multiple accounts from your single Android device without any trouble. The accounts will work properly and use them regularly

Instwogram is an application developed for Android devices users for allowing them to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts on Android. It supports and is based on the latest version of the Instagram app there for Android along with performing downloading of the uploaded content with it. No need to root the device is needed for utilizing the service offered by the app. The application is basically a clone of Instagram and will need the original app for working properly.


Instwogram APK Download

Step 1:

Download the Instwogram APK file from the link provided here on the desktop. The link contains the file which is fully working making it reliable to perform the download process without thinking of the adverse consequences which are none.

Step 2:

After the download gets completed then transfer the file to your Android device to move ahead in the process and managing multiple Instagram accounts on the device. You can perform the transfer with the help of a USB Cable by connecting it with the desktop.


Step 3:

Now disconnect the device properly from the desktop and search for the transmitted APK file on the smartphone and tablet.

Step 4:

Tap on the file to start the installation process which will need a minute or two to complete. After the installation is done, open the app where you certain options. You can make a new Instagram account from the app.

How to Add & Access Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android
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