Downloading Music is one of the most performed activities done by people while accessing the internet on their devices whether smartphone or PC. The songs downloaded from the internet come with a pre-installed and embedded album art in the songs serving as a promotional activity done by the website. Many songs have the album art bearing and having the name of the website from where it is being downloaded which is not liked by several people. This sort of information embedded in the songs and other audio files is generally called Metadata.

Many people want to add, edit and remove the previous embedded album in their songs along with the downloaded audio files. You can make several changes in the metadata according to your preference customizing it as you want. You can add, edit and remove the preinstalled album art on the file and place the one you like or is appropriate for the file without any sort of trouble. Through the tools you can perform this through the tools available on the internet or you can download some offline tools for your Windows and Mac system. Here is the guide allowing you to get the information for performing the process needed to add, edit and remove the album art of a song in Windows & Mac system.

Album art

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Add, Edit, Remove Album Art of a Song in Windows & Mac:

These tools are great for performing the customization of the Album Art of the song and making it as you want them to see or visualize in the playlist. For performing the process you can download TuneUp application which can be accessed both on Windows operating system along with Mac operating system. The application will allow you to change the album along with:

  • Title of the Song
  • Track Number of Song
  • Year Release of Song
  • Name of the Song
  • Artist of the Song and many other things.

Download Tune-Up for Windows

Download Tune-Up for Mac

Step 1:

Download the appropriate file of the application on the basis of the operating system used by you. Install the app after it has been downloaded on the system.

Step 2:

After the installation of the application open it for performing the customization whether you want to add, edit and remove the album art of the song or other audio files according to your will.

editing album art


Step 3:

With the help of the application you can make the wanted changes in the MP3/MP2, AAC, ALAC, M4A or the WMA content files in the Windows and Mac operating system.

Step 4:

Save the changes made on the audio file in order to make the adding, editing and removing the album art of the file from the metadata.

How to Add / Edit / Remove Album Art of a Song in Windows & Mac
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