Snapchat is a popular social messaging application which allows the people all around the world to access it for communicating with others through the exchange of video messages. The app is available for various mobile operating systems offering them an enjoyable fast conversation through taking a snap or video edit them by adding a caption. There is a high level of security which makes the user to send their messages to others as the messages sent will be automatically deleted after a time period both the recipient’s device and from Snapchat servers.

The video messaging application offers a lot of filters and tools with which the person sending the snap to make it more attractive and colorful etc, being utilized by a large number of people. There is one problem regarding Snapchat that the filters made available for people is that they can only use one filter at a particular video or photo making message to come out not as they want it to be. But what if we told you that you can perform and add more than a single filter to the photos and videos easily without downloading any other app for this. You can make your Snapchat photo or video to be more interesting and rich than just than being a plain photo.

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Adding Multiple Filters on Snapchat Videos and Photos:

There is secret feature which is hidden inside Snapchat allowing you to overlay the filters on each other by adding them one by one for making the particular photo or video to gorgeous and vivid.

Step 1:

For performing the process and accessing the secret feature you have to start from scratch. First take a snap or recording a video from your device through Snapchat. Hold your hand strong as a little shake may result in a blur image or video.

Step 2:

Add a filter on it by swiping left or right on the app when you have selected the filter and applied it wait for a couple of seconds for filter to be applied on it. Now for applying another filter on it you have to hold a finger on the image or video.


Step 3:

Make sure you hold your finger on downside of the image or video then swipe left or right to get more add-ons on it easily without any sort of trouble. Don’t let go the hold when you are overlaying the filters as the both the filters will be go off and you have to begin a fresh to get them back.

Step 4:

There is no sort of restriction for the second filter aiding you to combine a geo filter and color filter easily, along with the temperature or speed ones.

You can easily perform and access the secret feature on your smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android mobile operating system.

How to Add Multiple Filters on Snapchat Videos and Photos
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