Cloud Storage is accessed and preferred by a large number of people for saving their files on the World Wide Web offering them to safeguard them on the servers. Dropbox is a highly rated cloud storage service provider aiding the person to store their documents and folders with ease online to make them secure. Dropbox gives tough competition to other cloud based storage providers like Google Drive making its stand strong on the mark functioning as expected by the user having account on it. The user can upload large files to the storage without any sort of trouble.

Majority of people use email to send files to another person from their device and the receiving person can get the sent file through the option of Save Attachments. It is an easy and efficient way of send mostly serves as the primary means of sending and receiving of files, documents etc. The main problem is the process the limit of size as the person has to upload which is under the permissible limit which is quite low making the person unable to send important files to others. As a solution to that you can upload them on Dropbox and share the link to person who needs it, as it is good option for people having a Dropbox.


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Adding Users to Dropbox and Allow Them to Upload Files:

As for being able to share the link the person has to first upload the files on his/her Dropbox account which will require a lot of time to being uploaded completely then share its link. The person got the link has to perform the download of these files requiring time also uploading them to Dropbox. The whole procedure requires time and a lot of it which a large number of people don’t have, here is the alternate way of sending large files to the person you want to.

Step 1:

Launch your browser and go to the Dropbox site where you have to login into your account. Now go to the page where you will find the files and folders uploaded by you on the account.

Step 2:

Go to the Sharing option present on the left side and click on the New Shared folder bar. Type the folder name along with the emails of the people with whom you want to share the folder.


Step 3:

After doing this the newly created shared folder will be available to be accessed by the added people and they can read the files along with write them. The invited people will be able to upload the files to the specific folder.


Make sure to perform the upload the invited person should have a Dropbox account and people not having one will not be to do so.

How to Add Users to Dropbox and Allow Them to Upload Files
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