There are tons of applications which are available for various mobile operating systems which aid the users to connect and communicate with others for having a great time while using them on their devices. Despite of the presence of the instant messaging apps many people still like use the text message feature of their smartphone and tablet which makes them to get classic feel experienced while using it. The text messaging application is basically simple and use on device whether running on iOS or Android operating system making the person to perform messaging function promptly with ease.

We all receive text message from people which gets stored to the memory of the device making the app to lag and stutter while performing scrolling the messages on the device. Many people delete the unwanted and excess text messages regularly aiding the device to get some free memory for performing the function with ease. You may face a difficulty while performing the manual deletion of the text messages which can be up to more than 100 at the time of doing the deleting process. You can also enable Automatic deletion of messages in Android and iOS device easily which will delete the text messages present on the device after duration of time for providing the user free space on the smartphone or tablet.


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Enable Automatic Delete Message Option in Android and iOS:

You can easily enable the automatic deletion of messages on both iOS and Android in order to provide the process of going into each and every message selecting it on the basis of importance of it and then deleting. Here is the guide how to automatically delete messages on Android and iOS.

For Android:

The process of enabling it is a little bit complicated as due to the presence of numerous variants on the Android devices, basically on Android Hangouts from Google can be the default client which can be accessed for performing messaging. Google’s Hangouts allows the user to automatically delete the messages.

Open Hangouts App on your Android device and you will find three horizontal lines icon on the top-left, tap on it for getting more options regarding the app. On the options you will get the Settings of the Hangouts applications where you have to tap on the SMS option which will provide settings regarding SMS.


Tap on SMS Disabled option for disabling SMS and making Hangouts to be utilized by the device instead of Messaging as SMS app. On Hangouts you have to scroll down for reaching Advanced section there will be an option regarding Delete old messages allowing you to delete old and stale messages when the device memory is low, you can also set the limit of the number of messages each conversation should have.

For iOS:

For performing automatic delete of message on iOS is relatively easy and simple as compared to Android containing only an exception which makes you to become unable to change a setting allowing the messages came from a sender to stay after they past the date of expiration.


Go to the Settings of the iOS device to initiate the process. On the settings tap on Messaging option which provides you the settings regarding the messages. Now scroll down on the option to reach the section named Message History and tap on Keep Messages option. It will ask you a time limit which is to be chosen by you, it either can be 30 days or 1 year. The period should be chosen according to your preference as if a conversation passes the time period it will be automatically deleted from the device.

How to Automatically Delete Messages in Android and iOS
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