Microsoft Word is a great tool coming with Microsoft Office package which comprises many other related tools which are accessed by a large number of people to perform their work. It contains a number of features offering the individuals to develop and create a document with ease without any sort of trouble. Word is majorly utilized than the other applications and tools present in Microsoft Office like PowerPoint, Excel etc. For your information this report here is been created through the help of Microsoft Word accessing the offered features aiding to perform the work.

While using Microsoft Word we all encounter the corruption of the document occurred due to power failure or because of some other related reasons. The application automatically makes a backup copy of the Word document when you save the document which provides you to recover it. But many times we forget to save the document and are unable to get the document back as it was backed up. You can perform the backup of your Word document ahead of time with many ways which aids you to get the document whenever you encounter to get it due to any problem.


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Automatically Make A Backup Copy Of Word Document:

Word document can be automatically backed up and made available to be recovered if it gets lost. Word allows you to set the settings to configure it for performing the autosave of the file as a backup accessible whenever needed to do so on your system. Below is the guide aiding you to acknowledge the process of doing so on your Microsoft Word.

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Word on your desktop and go to Settings of the tool through File which will contain Options at the bottom of the left ribbon.

Step 2:

Click on Options which will provide a window containing the Word options which can be changed as preferred to get more efficiency and performance from it. On the list you have to Advanced options present at the last.

Word Options

Step 3:

On Advanced you will get more settings regarding the Word and document created through the help of it. Scroll down and under Save bar you will find a checkbox stating Always create backup copy option.

Step 4:

Select the checkbox by clicking on it which will enable the automatic save and creation of a backup copy whenever you developing a Word document. Click on Ok to save the settings changed by you.


When the backup copy is generated then you have to perform the saving of the document more than one time. The generated backup file will be saved on the same location where the original document is present with .wbx extension. You have to right-click on it and open with Microsoft Word in order to accessed the backup copy of the document.

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