Steam has provided the enthusiast gamers a platform where they can perform the favorite hobby of playing diverse games richen with features. The online gaming platform is growing with the passing days and more people are connecting with it to encounter the amazing gaming experience. Steam serves as digital distribution of various media contents along with games providing the player an overall experience as expected. The platform offers the people present around the world to play the games on more than one device in order to offer them accessibility as expected.

The player can also call on their friends and other people for forming groups to increase the gaming experience and derive more of the gameplay. Steam is available on Windows, Mac and for major mobile operating systems to make sure that more gamers can benefit from it by playing their favorite games. It was basically formulated keeping in mind the Microsoft Windows users to provide the people best way of playing the games of various genres for having a great experience. The online gaming platform has about 4500 games of various formats attracting the gamers worldwide to experience the brilliance through the features present.


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Backup Steam Games Before System Format and Reinstallation:

We all perform formating of our system as a remedy to the errors popping up in the desktop while accessing it and reinstall the apps. Steam users have numerous reasons and bases to do the backing up of the data along with Steam Games, but the fact is that not many people know about the process of backing up. There is slight difference between first party games formulated by Valve and third party games marketed by Steam. We have provided you a step by step guide in order to aiding you to acknowledge the process required to do while performing the backup.

Step 1:

First open Steam on your system and go to the list of the games installed by you. The games which are installed will be backup not the one you own but not installed by you. Right-click on them and choose the option Backup Game Files.

Step 2:

A backup window naming Backup and Restore Games will be opened asking you the directory (backup destination) where you wish to save them. Select the games along with the location and make sure that there is plenty of space available.

steam backup

Step 3:

You can also split the size of the file of backup and store it multiple DVDs. After this the progress bar of the backup will come starting the backup process.


Note that the save games will not be backup and the manual backing of the save files has to been done. Through the provided list you can find the save game files

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\<game name>\<abbreviated game name>

The following folders contain custom game contents:

/cfg/ – Custom configuration and configuration script

/downloads/ – Custom content for multiplayer gaming

/maps/ – Custom map installed or downloaded while multiplayer gaming

/materials/ – Custom texture & skin

/SAVE/ – Single-player save games

How to Backup Steam Games Before System Format or Reinstallation
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