Steam is a popular online medium of playing games allowing the game lovers to access it anywhere for fulfilling the need of gaming and having the excitement along with entertainment through it. The gaming platform contains vast number of games and other media contents serving as digital distribution content delivery means for people. Valve Corporation developed it for providing a feature richen gaming means along with providing the people to connect with others through the social networking feature present in it. The platform contains a large number of features making the gaming experience to be great and making them to encounter a marvelous time.

With the available features the player gets the characteristic of backing up their Steam Games saves on Steam Cloud for future utilization and get them secure in case they are accidently deleted on the system. The service was introduced by Valve for providing additional support to the players offering them to store the saved games and use them from Steam. The backed up saved games are accessible from almost anywhere through Steam client without any problem and manage them with the provided measures. Steam users can also disable the service from their account if they want to as it sometimes intrudes while playing a game on the online gaming platform.


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Backing up Steam Games Saves on Steam Cloud:

Steam Cloud can be accessible by anyone having a Steam account and playing the games offered on it. The main problem which arises with Steam Cloud that only a handful number of games have the specs of supporting it and not every save game can be backed up on it. Just for some games it serves as vital medium of making sure that the save games are secure for utilizing them for time coming. If you want to use the Steam Cloud for backing up Steam Games on it from your Steam account.

Launch Steam and open your Steam account on it through performing the login. Go to the list where you can see your games (Library) and check whether the games installed contains the feature of Steam Cloud.


Through ‘List View’ you will be easily identify the games containing the support of Steam Cloud. You can identify the games containing the support through the presence of Cloud icon after the names of the games installed on the system.

Just click on the cloud icon which instantly upload and backup the Steam Games saves on Steam Cloud. As there is a few numbers of games supporting the functionality of Steam Cloud so not many games will be backup on cloud.

steam cloud

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How to Backup Steam Games Saves on Steam Cloud
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