Microsoft has accumulated a large share in the video gaming console through the help their worldwide popular Xbox console which is a part of eighth generation of video game consoles. At the end of 2013 the company announced the third console of the video gaming console family Xbox One. The gaming console aims to provide the gamers an all new gaming experience with the fresh x86 architecture placing a lot more emphasis on cloud computing and entertainment integration. Microsoft’s new and ambitious video gaming console got mixed reviews from people as it got praised for the new entertainment features and negative marks as there was some changes in policy of the game.

Despite of the mixed remarks many people love playing their favorite games on the Xbox One for having brilliant and mind blowing experience on it. Xbox One gives a direct competition to Sony’s PlayStation 4 which is also a eighth generation video gaming console launched at the same time. The new video gaming console also provides the player to perform backup the games also share them to your friends.  Many people want to perform the backing up and sharing of games in order to exercise the characteristics offered for providing a better gaming experience.


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Backing Up and Sharing Xbox One Games with Friends:

With the sharing feature of Xbox One you can share the Xbox Gold subscription easily with your friends when they sign-in the same Xbox console. The games which are present on the console can also be played by the people who are using the video gaming console. As the Xbox user has to set their console as their home console by signing in their Xbox account and saving the password. Here is the guide for performing the backup and sharing of Xbox One Games with friends easily on your gaming console.

Backup Xbox One Games:

On your Xbox One console you have to perform Sign-in into your Xbox Live Profile, then go to Settings where you have to choose System and go to the Storage option where you will get the saved games which can be backed up to cloud. Make sure that you have turned on the Cloud Saved Games for performing the cloud backup of saved games.


Now you have to select the Games option in order to reach the save games present on Xbox One, choose the Game and the saved game which you want to back up on cloud. Select the Move and copy or move the saved games on cloud and choose Cloud Saved Games option to do so.

Sharing with Friends:

Go to Settings through My Games and Apps in order to start the process for sharing the game with friends. On settings you will a list of options where you have to select the My Xbox option present on the left side of the screen and you have to open it for moving ahead.

Share-Xbox one

On the My Xbox option you have to choose My Home Xbox option which will allow you to perform the setup of the console for sharing the games. At the option you will find Make this My Home Xbox for designating the video gaming console as the home Xbox One console.

It will allow everyone to play the downloaded games to the Xbox One even the players are signed in with different accounts.

How to Backup Xbox One Games and Share with Friends
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