Craigslist is a site offering the people all around the world to get classified advertisements region wide on the internet containing from services to personals, from housing to gigs and discussion forums. Many of you might have seen the classifieds that were basically featured on the newspapers and etc; Craigslist serves as an online replacement for this which can be easily accessed from the browser. It all began with an email distribution list which was performed by Craig Newmark to his friends which later on developed as a web-based service and expanded to other related forms/categories of classifieds.

The web-based online classified advertisement service currently hosts more than 20 billion pages views on monthly basis making its way to top 30 greatest website lists. The service offered is free of cost and easy to access, a large number of people use the site for posting and viewing the advertisements present online. Craigslist offers the people to create an account for utilizing the services offered to get the best for their business and activities which they perform. The account is easy to create and offers the secure two-factor authentication to the users for making the account on the online classified advertisement providing service.


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Bypassing Craigslist Phone Verification:

Like many other sites Craigslist also offers and contains the two-factor verification to the people which is to be followed by them if they are willing to create the account. If you know about the two-way authentication then you might it is important to perform to make the account properly and access it for performing the activities easily. A lot of people might not know that the phone verification on Craigslist can easily be bypassed without any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

Open Craigslist account creation page on your desktop through the browser. Enter the email address which will send you the link to the address for creating the account.

Step 2:

Now you have to go which is a web-based unified messaging channel and vital for bypassing the verification. Click on Signup present on the top and enter the email address on the two bars provided. The site will also ask you a four digit numeric security code which can be set according to your preference.


Step 3:

After this scroll down and type-in the captcha. Finish the process by clicking on Submit option, on the completion it will provide you a phone number which can used for receiving messages which will be transferred to your submitted email id.

Step 4:

Open the email id on which Craigslist has the link for account creation, click on the link and fill in the information. On the phone number you will have to input the K7 number which is been created by you just now. Craigslist will send the code to the number which can accessed easily and then type-in the code to activate your account.

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How to Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification
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