Internet has abundance of content which can be seen and accessed by the public allowing them to download it from site. Sometimes while performing the download process we all encounter a phase where to get the desired content through completing online surveys and have the direct download of the file. If the person doesn’t want to do the survey online then he/she has to avoid in having the file and the completion of all the surveys is to be done even one of them is done then also you can’t have the file. It is the most annoying part of the downloading as it requires time and delays the reach to the file needed at the moment.

Basically the surveys were used to get the feedback about the file from the visitors, but now the surveys serve as the medium of earning money and a popular one to do so. People completing surveys provide the site to get money and in return to give the file as the reward for completing surveys. Mainly the games and software are made available to the public after they have finished the surveys present on the site. Many people want to have their files despite completing the annoying surveys wasting the time and avoiding them to get their hands on the file. Your wish can now be fulfilled as we have found the way to bypass surveys to download files easily from the web.


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Bypass Surveys to Download Files Easily from the Web:

If you have been pissed off by the surveys then this one is surely for you which will aid you to acknowledge the way to bypass them to have the file. You can disable and bypass surveys generally with two ways which work properly and efficiently allowing you to get the expected result from them.

Method 1: Disabling JavaScript in the Browsers:

By disabling the JavaScript on the browser utilized by you and get the medium to bypassing the online surveys without any sort of trouble. You can disable it from each browser avoiding the pop-up on another browser to make you to complete them.

On Chrome go to Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Privacy->Content Settings where you will find JavaScript on scrolling down. It will be set on Allow all sites which you to change to Do not allow.


On Internet Explorer you have to go Tools->Internet options->Security Tab->Custom Level Button then scroll down till you find Scripting and Active scripting. Disable it and save the changes made.

On Mozilla Firefox it is same as the above processes Tools->Options->Content->untick the JavaScript-Ok to save the changes made to use them.

Method 2: XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet:

It is a good tool which allows you to avoid and bypass the surveys present on the site, just bookmarking it on the browser. XJZ Survey Remover is to be bookmarked on the browser; you have to copy the link on the bookmark bar of the browser.


After bookmarking it visit the site where you have to complete the survey to have the desired file and click on the saved bookmark to make the tool to work for clearing the surveys. On removing the window will come up stating that the survey has been removed and click on Ok to get the file.   

How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files Easily from the Web
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