Apple Music was recently launched by Apple providing the followers and customers of the company a music streaming service aiding them to listen to their favorite music without any trouble. The music service offers the people to get instant access to the songs according to the current environment. Apple Music is simple and easy to use offering the world a lot of features inherit to make the experience like never before. The attractiveness of the service can be seen from the fact that from the date of its launch about 42 million people have paid and using the streaming music facility on their devices with ease.

As the music streaming service is offering the users a trial lasting to 90 days after which the person has to pay for it to try the trial. The three month can be paid through the valid paying method with the owned iTunes account by a credit card by choosing the available Individual Plan and Family Plan subscriptions offered. The service can be utilized both on desktop and iOS device efficiently, but if you are finding Apple Music a less equipped music streaming feature then you put an end to the subscription before the expiration of the trial period. Apple Music allows you to cancel the subscription without any sort of difficulty on desktop and on iOS devices.

Apple music

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Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription:

Apple Music can be accessed easily both on desktop through iTunes and on your iPhone or iPad. Here are the guides aiding you to cancel the subscription from both the devices with ease.

From iTunes on Desktop:

Step 1:

Go to iTunes on your desktop or laptop then click on your account created on the tool. Select the Account Info option to proceed ahead, it will ask your password to allow getting the info of the account.

Step 2:

On the Account Info page you have to scroll down till you find the Subscriptions and then click on the ‘Manage’ to see the subscriptions of the various services accessed by you. Click on Edit option in front of the Apple Music Membership.

Apple Music Subscription

Step 3:

For cancelling the subscription you have to turn off the Automatic Renewal by checking the ‘Off’ box. Now click on Done to save the change made. After the trial period ends the subscription of Apple Music will be cancelled and it will ask you to bill it.

From iOS Device:

Step 1:

Go to the Settings of the device and Tap on iTunes & App Store option to get to your Apple ID. On the Apple ID you have to tap and choose the View Apple ID option which will open a box asking your ID password to see the information.

Step 2:

Scroll down and choose the Manage option below Subscriptions. It will show you the subscriptions of the accessed services on the device where you have to tap on Apple Music Membership in order to cancel the subscription.

Apple Music iOS

Step 3:

Just like in iTunes you have to turn off the Automatic Renewal to cancel the Apple Music subscription.

How to Cancel Your Apple Music or iTunes Subscription
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