Apple Watch created a lot of buzz and news before the official launch as it is the first smartwatch developed by Apple Inc. running on the company’s iOS mobile operating system. It got a worldwide acclaim by people and a large number of individuals bought it for the great features present in for enriching the user experience. Apple Watch contains the basic features of a smartwatch like tracking health and fitness of the user, but also has some extra characteristics making it a stand apart. The user can easily manage the watch by integrating it with their iOS device and other services made available by Apple.

On your iPad and iPhone you will know how to get a screenshot of the device aiding you capture the content easily without any sort of trouble. The screenshot is incredibly useful for sharing the viewed content with others and showing them the interesting and amusing topic. Many people using the smartwatches know that they can easily take screenshot on the watch to capture the content easily. You can easily capture screenshot on Apple Watch easily and share it with others with your iPhone or iPad device.

Apple watch

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Capture Screenshot on Apple Watch:

The screenshot is easy to capture on Apple Watch not requiring any other application which is needed to be installed on the watch for getting screenshot of the content on it. The guide is provided below through which will help to acknowledge you to capture screenshot on Apple Watch.

Step 1:

Open the section or page which you want to capture on Apple Watch, navigate towards it. Make sure you are wearing the watch with good grip as when you will capture the screenshot a force will be exerted on it which might make the device if not gripped properly. You can also capture the shot by holding Apple Watch with both hands.

Step 2:

Now press and hold the Digital crown, then you have to press the side button for capturing the screenshot. The side button is placed below the Digital crown which is rectangular in design, for ensuring the screenshot is being captured, you will hear a capture sound similar to camera shutter and screen will go white.


Step 3:

Don’t press the side button for long, as if you do so it will end up opening Siri instead of taking the screenshot.  Once the screenshot is taken, then it will be there on your iPhone or iPad iOS library. From the library you can easily share with your friends and others or send them to your desktop and laptop.

The main problem with the screenshot is that it will in size and will be large about the display of Apple Watch which might serve the purpose for which you captured them.


How to Capture A ScreenShot in Apple Watch
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