Steam is a popular gaming platform allowing the gamers present worldwide to get access to the hardcore games for encountering a high level of enjoyment on systems. It offers the people to access the large graphics richen games on the digital distribution and social networking platform managed along with developed by Valve Corporation. With the help of the gaming service the large number of gamers gets the accessibility to their favorite game of whatever content without any trouble and playing them with ease. Steam currently contains about 4,500 games for their 125 million active users allowing them to get a thrilled experience with the help of this platform.

Basically Steam unlike many Windows applications can be shifted or transferred from one hard drive to another allowing you to copy the files not just to a single drive. Generally the location where the files of the gaming app are stored is in C: drive of the system whether accessed on desktop or laptop. There will be no sort of trouble encountered by the person willing to shift the files from the primary hard disk to another hard drive. The process of shifting the files is simple and can be performed easily without any difficulty faced while doing so.


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Changing Steam Games Install Directory / Move Games to Another Hard Drive:

If you want to change the Steam games install directory or willing to move the games to another hard drive then guide is provided below. With the help of guide you will be able to acknowledge the process involved to perform the change of location and moving the files to another hard drive with ease. There will no sort of difficulty experienced while doing so.

Step 1:

Firstly you have to close Steam if you are accessing the services offered. As default it installs on C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam, open the folder and select all the present files leaving the SteamApps folder and Steam.exe file.


Step 2:

Delete the selected ones now have to entire folder to a new location like to D:/Steam. Launch Steam by double-clicking on Steam.exe file and do login into your account as it will automatically download the required files on the system.

You will be able to access the files of Steam and the gaming platform from the new location. After the performing the steps you will be able to change the Steam games install directory along with moving them to another hard drive.

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How to Change Steam Games Install Directory / Move Games to Another Hard Drive
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