Apple has changed the personal device scenario through the launch of Apple Watch working on Watch OS based on the company’s iOS with similar functions to it. With the release of Apple Watch in the mid of 2015 iPhone and iPad users got a companion just like Android device users through which they can easily get instant access and control to their functions. Apple Watch can be easily synced with the iOS devices aiding you to utilize the services like iCloud etc on it without taking out your iPhone and iPad from your pocket.

Amongst the many offered features, it allows you to get the notifications on your smartwatch aiding you to acknowledge about the incoming message or emails, etc. Due to the integration of an Apple watch with your iOS device the smartwatch user will get the notifications which can set to be received in touch, audio and visual cues to have the alert. While working we all can’t get through all the notifications popping up in every 30 seconds buzzing the wrist, they are some notifications which are important while some are unwanted. If we miss some of the notifications they get stored safely in Notifications center that might slow the performance with the growing size of the compilation of the notifications. You can easily set the notification-enabled apps on the iPhone and iPad to send the alerts that are necessary and important to Apple Watch.


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Clear All Notifications on Apple Watch:

You can also clear the notifications from time to time in order to avoid the accumulation, but clearing them one by one will consume a lot of time which can be overlooked through a shortcut. The shortcut is to clear all notifications at once on Apple Watch which empty them all at the same time boosting the working.

Step 1:

Every Apple Watch knows the red dot present there on the screen on it denotes the existence of unread notifications, which can be revealed by swiping down for the top. The smartwatch also contains the Apple’s highly talked Force Touch is handy for iPhone and iPad devices.

Step 2:

Make sure you don’t have any important notification as when you clear them entirely particular one will also be removed from the screen. Read the necessary one and gather the info which is present in the notification.


Step 3:

Perform a Force Touch which is a hard and quick tap on the middle of the center, due to the tap on the screen a Clear All option will come up. Press on the option that will remove all the notifications from Apple Watch.

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How To Clear All The Notifications on Apple Watch
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